World Sporting Quick Guide


Understanding World Sporting Pro/Handicap shoot system.

Quick Guide


How you Win

Simply all you need to do is concentrate on your shooting, maintain or improve your standard of shooting and you are likely to be in the prize fund payout.

Handicap System

Once you have completed three shoots you will have a True handicap taken as an average of your last three scores.

Even on your first shoot you are given a handicap based on selected unknown stands.


After completing your first shoot you will be given a handicap based on your score +shots* added.

After completing your second shoot your handicap will be updated, both scores being added together and divided by 2 + shots* added.

On completion of your third shoot your handicap will be your true average of your last three scores.

* Shooters with only
one score posted have shots added to their score for first handicap.

Shooters with two scores posted have less shots added, scores are added together and divided by 2.

Once three scores are posted your handicap is a true average as examples show below.
Example 100 bird event  Par 90 ex 100

Shoot 72 ex 100 latest score
Shoot 80 ex 100

Shoot 76 ex 100

Total 228  3 = 76  


you will have a handicap of +14 for your next shoot.  14 + 76 = 90

To learn more about the pro/handicap and par system click here



Decrease Handicap


If you shoot better your handicap will decrease.

Shoot 82 ex 100 latest score
Shoot 72 ex 100
Shoot 80 ex 100

Total 234  3 = 78


you will have a handicap of +12 for your next shoot.  12 + 78 = 90

Increase Handicap


Your handicap will increase if you shoot worse

Shoot 58 ex 100 latest score
Shoot 72 ex 100
Shoot 80 ex 100

Total 210  3 = 70


you will have a handicap of +20 for your next shoot.  20 + 70 = 90

Max handicap +30 (all scores 60 and below +30)
Min Handicap 0  (all scores 90 and above +0)



Handicaps updated weekly (check your handicap)
( if you shoot two shoots within a week same handicap will be used.)

If you join and shoot two shoots within first week you will be assessed on unknown stands to give you a handicap for day as at your first shoot.

To book on you should always know your membership no. This is on your membership card or slip. If you have lost your card make a note of your number on something you always carry when attending a shoot.
Check your Number here.

Prize Fund Payout

The prize fund is paid out in two levels plus the remaining prize fund share and is up to the ground owner how the money is shared out.

First Level           No Handicap added  High gun + places
Second Level      Handicap added        High gun + places
Prize Fund Share          Share of remaining prize fund across both levels

Click here to see result sheet example of payout.

One prize per person / all shooters compete in both levels regardless of handicap.

Other Ways to Use your Handicap

Once you understand the way the handicap system works you can have even more fun at a shoot.

Chances are you shoot regularly with a group of friends, using the pro/handicap system you can have your own competition separate from the prize fund being offered at the shoot.

You may decide to all put a fiver in the pot for the winner or the looser buys a round of drinks etc.

Example of a group of four mates
Shooter 1   Handicap +20       Shoots  67      Total = 87
Shooter 2   Handicap +0         Shoots  88      Total = 88
Shooter 3   Handicap +2         Shoots  85      Total = 87
Shooter 4   Handicap +15       Shoots  74      Total = 89

Give this a try, you will be amazed how close you end up with your score plus
handicap making it a great equalizer between friends enabling anyone to win.


Most importantly enjoy your shooting !!!


Visit web site for more information, to check your scores, join forum etc