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Laporte Clay Pigeon Traps
Laporte Clay Pigeon Traps
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T.B Sports Fencing
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About World Sporting

World Sporting Handicap System for Sporting Clays.

The World Sporting Pro Handicap system is designed to encourage you to maintain or improve your shooting at each and every event in order to join the group of prize winners.

World Sporting has something to offer all levels of shooters of
sporting clays.

The club shooter that has reached a standard can shoot
to maintain it and win.

The professional who should expect to shoot 90 + is not
disadvantaged as the High Gun and other First Level
payouts are excluded from handicap scores being added.

And the beginner who wants to reach the top level
of the sport will benefit from regular prize fund payouts
as they improve their scores on sporting clays.

About the Handicap System

World Sporting has developed a unique handicap system designed for sporting competition shooters. Shoots can be set up for 100 or 60 target events and registered shooters will have a handicap for both. Working on a par system 90 ex 100 is the par for a 100 target event and shooters scoring 90 or over will be on 0 handicap. On a 60 target event 54 ex 60 is considered the par and those shooting 54 or over will also be on 0.

Shooters that make 0 handicap will gain Pro Shot status and will be guaranteed pre entry to future championship events. All other shooters are awarded shots to bring them back to the par figure. For example a shooter with a 70 ex 100 average will be on +20 for a 100 target shoot. Max handicap for 100 target events is +30 and +18 for 60 target shoots.

Shooters will use their Handicap to try and get as high into the 90's for a 100 target shoot to win or share in the prize fund.

Your First Shoot

If you register at the ground or online with no scores submitted you will be awarded a handicap for the day based on unknown stands at your first event. CPSA members can submit their last two sporting scores when registering online enabling them to have a starting handicap. Once you have three scores in your handicap is a true average and is updated weekly from your latest three scores.

Registration is free for the shooter, Join Here 

About Your Registration Number

When you register online or at your first World Sporting shoot you will receive your unique registration number. You should know your number when booking on for a shoot.

Your registration number is Ten Digits long. The easy way to remember your number and book on at shoots is shown in image above. If your reg number was GB00100201 then you
would book on by using GB1-201


Sporting Clays Format

Depending on ground and size of event World Sporting Shoots use two or three trap sporting stands with sequence on report
pairs and simultaneous pairs.  Grounds may choose to mix in normal English Sporting stands dependant on the level of shooters that are likely to attend their club.

Prize Fund Payout

The prize fund is paid out in two levels plus the remaining prize fund share and is up to the shoot organiser how the money or prizes are shared out.

First Level No Handicap added High gun + places*
Second Level Handicap added High gun + places*
Prize Fund Share Share of remaining prize fund across both levels.

Click here to see result sheet example of payout.

One prize per person / all shooters compete in both levels regardless of handicap.

*Places added on high entry shoots in both levels

             Clay Pigeon Shooting


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