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T.B Sports Fencing
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Clay Pigeon Beginners Guide

Shooting Sporting Clays

Beginners guide

Sporting Shooting is one of the fastest growing
sports enjoyed by men, women and juniors of all ages.

If you have never shot a clay before and think this
could be the sport for you then contact your local
ground that you will find on this site.

Most grounds will offer coaching or practice on
non - competition days and will be happy to advise
and guide you on your way into this great and
enjoyable pastime.

Book a Sporting Shooting lesson/Have a go day at grounds below.

Northampton Clay Shooting Ground   Northants UK

Orston Clay SG  Nottinghamshire UK

Once you have decided that sporting shooting this is the sport for you then you will need to apply for your shotgun
certificate. As long as you fit the basic criteria below
you should have no trouble being granted a licence
and be well on the way to owning your own sporting shotgun/s.

Applications for UK Shotgun Certificates.

In order to own firearms or purchase ammunition, sportsmen and women need to possess a shotgun certificate  The certificates are issued by the police after thorough investigation. A serious criminal record will prevent someone from ever owning a gun.

As well as being satisfied with the character and
honesty of an applicant, the police will visit the
applicant to ensure that the firearm will be kept
in a safe and secure place. For most people, this
will be in a locked, metal cabinet, bolted to the wall.
The certificates are renewable every five years on
payment of a fee but can be withdrawn by the police
at any time if the holder is seen to present a danger
to public safety or the peace.

Forms are available on request from your local Police Authority HQ.

Details on shotgun ownership for other countries will
be added soon.

Sporting Shooting shoots on this month
See events diary




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 links to other informative sites around the world on the web.

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