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Held @ Orston Shooting Ground 24/25/April 2011
Results Click here  (full shoot report soon)

Sponsored by the Clay Pigeon Company / Laporte
The Clay Pigeon Company


Orston Shooting Ground, Nottinghamshire.
Full ground details click here


Sunday the 24th and Monday the 25th of April 2011

High Gun 500  (no handicap)

First Level  (no handicap)  Second Level (Handicap added)

300 1st first level             300 1st Second level
200 2nd first level            200 2nd Second level
150 3rd first level            150 3rd Second level
100 4th first level            100 4th Second level

Third Level  (Handicap added)

80 each (places dependant on entry)
Plus a further 16 places 250 Hull Pro One Cartridges each.

Places in all levels will be increased according to entry levels. (*over 60 places on Full entry*)


Secure your entry to this 100 target event now. Only 400 places available. Entry fee 40 per shooter payable on the day you shoot.

Book on at ground, open Wednesdays/Saturdays/Sundays
or contact ground to book on by phone.

  Full ground details click here

When booking on have your World Sporting reg number
Which you can abbreviate as example below -

GB00100013 = GB1 - 13

Find your registration number here

This event is open to non members, you will be given a handicap for the day. If you join after booking on update
Orston with your registration number.

200 Entries available on Sunday the 24th of April 2011

200 Entries available on Monday the 25th of April 2011


The ground will be open both days and running other competitions open to entries to all on the.....

Compak /DTL/Skeet/ Double Rise etc


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Sponsored by the Clay Pigeon Company / Laporte
The Clay Pigeon Company

All payments for entry and prize funds to be held by shooting grounds involved. Individual ground safety rules/restrictions apply. World Sporting/Clay Pigeon Company accept no liability as sponsors and promoters only.




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