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Clay Shooter

Going to a clay pigeon shoot is a great way to learn how to shoot shotguns for competitive clay shooting or practice for live quarry days. If you are considering ideas for team building activities or charity fund raising, a clay pigeon shoot could be an ideal event to stage.

Clay Pigeon shoots range from a small group of friends that form a club to commercial grounds. The former are informal clay pigeon shoots and usually members share the work in setting up and running the shoot. This is a great way of getting into clay pigeon shooting. This form of informal clay shoot can be often found linked to a country club or pub.

Generally though a clay shoot these days is run by commercial shooting grounds and you can find these throughout the UK, some open 7 days a week. At weekends you can usually find competition clay pigeon shooting where clay pigeon shooters compete for cash prizes or trophies.

A clay pigeon shoot is usually an open event and the ground owners will welcome you and assist you into finding out more about this sport and how to get started. Visit your local clay pigeon shoot to find out more and enjoy breaking some clay pigeons.

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