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Clay Shooting Games


Clay shooting games are varied and enjoyed by many who either shot for practice or competitively clay shooting is an exciting an absorbing sport, with a number of different disciplines. Clay shooting games be put into three categories – trap, skeet and sporting.

In the trap disciplines the Clay Shooting game usually takes the form of shooting at going away targets released from a trench in from of the shooter of Down-the-Line, Automatic Ball Trap, Olympic Trap, Double Trap and Universal Trench, the targets are thrown away from you by a trap positioned in front of you at varying speeds, heights and angles.

In English and Olympic Skeet the clay shooting game with the targets being released from two trap houses, one positioned on each side of a semi-circular layout, at fixed speeds, heights and angles.

The most popular clay shooting game by far is English Sporting and FITASC Sporting; the targets are designed to simulate those found in nature. This means that they can come from all directions, including rolling on the ground.

Online Shooting Games

There are also many web and phone based clay pigeon/ shooting games.

A few are listed below.

Web Site Games

Shooting Times - Duck Hunt

I-Phone Games

Clay Hunt - Clay pigeon shooting game video below



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