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World Sporting-Pro Handicap System-60
Click here for the 100 bird handicap system

Handicap details for 60 bird shoots below.

The ground owner/course designer will set up the shoot
with the score of 54 in mind to win, by a shooter that
shoots from scratch/0 handicap.

The score of 54 will be treated as the Par, and all
competing shooters that shoot an average below 54 will if completed three shoots, have a handicap for their next registered shoot equal to the difference.
Example :- A shooter that shoots an average score of
48 ex 60 will be awarded the handicap of +6 for his/her next World Sporting shoot.
Maximum Handicap awarded on a 60 bird shoot is +18
(36 and below ex 60)

Therefore competitors will start on a level pegging
for the places in the second level payouts
whilst also being able to compete for the High Gun
prize, Runner Up and Third etc in the first level.
(see Shoot Format/Prize Structure for full details)

As an opposite to Golf, shoots will be scored with '+'
score being a winning score compared to a '-' score.

A score of 55 = +1. A score of 45 = -9. A score of 54 = Level/Par.

From the above scores it can be determined that the competitors that shoot an average of 54 or above have a 0 handicap and will shoot from Scratch at their next World Sporting .

The competitor that shoots an average of 45 will be awarded +9 shots for the next registered shoot.

Example 60 bird event Par 54 ex 60

Shoot 52 ex 60 latest score
Shoot 49 ex 60
Shoot 46 ex 60

Total 147 3 = 49

you will have a handicap of +5 for your next shoot.
5 + 49 = 54

Decrease Handicap

If you shoot better your handicap will decrease.

Shoot 55 ex 60 latest score
Shoot 52 ex 60
Shoot 49 ex 60

Total 156 3 = 52

you will have a handicap of +2 for your next shoot.
2 + 52 = 54

Increase Handicap

Your handicap will increase if you shoot worse

Shoot 40 ex 60 latest score
Shoot 52 ex 60
Shoot 49 ex 60

Total 141 3 = 47

you will have a handicap of +7 for your next shoot.
7 + 47 = 54

Max handicap +18 (all scores 36 and below +18)
Min Handicap 0 (all scores 54 and above +0)

All World Sporting events are qualifiers for future
championship events. There will be a cut off point for
those that will be able to enter championship shoots.
Example :- Depending on the amount of 'scratch'
shooters all registered competitors with a handicap
of +3 and lower may be able to apply to enter.

As you can see, purposely shooting low scores to gain
a higher handicap will be expensive and pointless, as
shooters may miss out on the chance to enter a
championship event.

First World Sporting shoot details
Competitors shooting at their first World Sporting shoot
will be judged over 30 targets for their handicap on
the day of the shoot.

Shoot 24 out of the 30 targets used to assess your
handicap and you will be given an assessment score
of 24 X 2 = 48 and a handicap of +6 for the day.

In order to protect existing shooters with a handicap
and to remove the luck element of a new shooter shooting predetermined stands badly a method of calculation
has been devised that has proved to be fair to all and the method used is only to be known by the shoot organiser.

Handicap details for 60 bird shoots above.
Click here for the 100 bird handicap system

You can check your handicap  Click here to use and enter your registration No.




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