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T.B Sports Fencing
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The Best Clay Pigeon Shooters

Pro shot World Sporting Clay Pigeon Shooters.


World Sporting Clay Pigeon Shooters that have achieved and are currently on '0' handicap and pro status.
Shooters +1 to +4 also listed below.

List below updated weekly.


Marco Alba
Henry Reggie Arnold
Philip Bailey
Oliver Baker
Adrian Balham
Chris Batch
Josh Bennion
Francis Bishop
William Bivkett
Michael Booth
Victor Borisov
Sean Bramley
Jamie Brightman
Steve Brightwell
A Bristow
Dave Carrie
Chris Childerhouse
Jonny Clark
James Clark
S.M Clarke
Adrian Coates
Scott Collett
Austin Coxhead
Chris Daniels
George Digweed MBE
Graham Ferguson
Martin Finch
Julian Freeman
Heath Gizzi
Scott Greenfield
Karl Hagan
Colin Hales
Rob Hawker
Paul Heywood
Keith Holman
K Hubbard
Steve Hughes (SHR)
Glenn Hunt
Kevin Jobling
Oliver Johnson
Richard King
James Lacey
John Lee
Luke Llewellin
Neil Lockton
David Long
Steve Lovatt
Maksim Lukin
Mark Lynch
A Manvell
Neil March
Dan Mauby
Tom Miller
Darren Moon
Humberto Moreno
Arthur Morgan
Martin Myers
David Newstead
Paul Norman
Arnold Palmer
P D Patch
Armando Pérez
Gary Philips
Hilton Prest
Joss Read
Mark Rowbotham
Martin Rudling
Rob Russell
P L Simpson
Geoff Smart
Ryan Sperling
Johnny Steel
Ross Straker
J. Swire
Philip Thorrold
Carl Vickers
Stevan Walton
Mark Warner
Jed Welham
Graham Welsh
Charles Whatton
Mark Wild
Stephen Williams
Mark Winser
Brett Winstanley
Bruce Woodbridge
John Woodbridge


Paul Batchelor
Andrew Bennett
Carl Bloxham
Adam Cork
Harry Coups
Colin Cousins
Peter Desborough
Martin Doughty
Thomas Goodhead
Cheryl Hall
Adrian Jeffries
Mark Massey
Mark O'Dowd
James Pavitt
Colin Pennington
Chris Rhodes
Dave Sexon
Mark Stevenson
Alexander Storey
Neil Waterman
Paul Wilkinson
Steven Wilkinson
R Wise


Steve Baldwin
Chris Broomfield
Andy Coulson
Chris Durrant
Rob Eggins
Luke Elliott
Martin Elworthy
Mark Eustace
Andrew Foukes
Brendon Frost
Andy Goodwin
Nathan Hales
John Heagren
Noé Jiménez
Richard King
Philip Moody
Andy Moon
Glen Moore
Claudio Moretti
Duane Morley
David Naylor
Sean Ponting
Stuart Rudling
David Tagg
Stuart C Taylor
Will Thatcher
Paul Timberlake
Philip Toth
Jezz Towell
M N Webster
Steven Whitwell


Andrew Beal
A Bovingdon
Richard J Brenton
Richard Bunning
Paul Cooper
Carl Exton
Niall Fahey
Steve Grant
Brett Hand
Kevin Harmsworth
Amber Hill
Ray Hillyer
Mark Marshall
Pietro Mastroeni
M Mills
D G Mitchell
Roger Montague
Ben Mottram
Mike Pepperd
Mickey Rouse
Ashley Sharman
Ivan Spencer
Robert Tucker
Dave Wincott


Michael Bailey (STA)
Alex Baker
Peter Bate
Anthony Broadhead
David Clifford
Matthew Creamer
Gareth Davies
Chris Edwards
John Elsey
Gary Greet
John Hargrave
Robin Heal
David Hellyer
Nick Hendrick
Ben Husthwaite
Andrew Jude
Pete Knie
Steve Lord
Paul Lovick
Richard Rawlingson
Graeme Rice
Kevin Sherratt
Alistair Smith
Chris Smith
Ed Solomons
Rob Stapleton
Matthew Steeds
Richard Thompson
Brian Williamson
James Woodcock




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