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Clay Pigeon Shooting Rules

Ground owners have the choice to run competitions as re-entry or One entry per shooter. On re-entry shoots better
results/score will supersede your previous score on the day.

28gram /1oz cartridge maximum load.
(Orston SG no restrictions)

In the event of a no bird, the first bird is established
on a 'on report' or 'following' pair, with nothing being established on a simultaneous pair.

If targets have been unseen, you have the option to
view the targets as singles or the pair/s.

Referee's decision is final - If referee in doubt the pair
may be offered to shoot again.

Only guns of minimum barrel length of 26'' and a
maximum of 12 bore to be used. Rules allow any smaller gauge shotguns to be used.

No live quarry to be shot or shot at.

Safety Rules - Glasses
Ground rules apply. Some grounds may insist on
glasses to be worn by spectators and shooters.
Check details with ground for their safety rules.

Any form of cheating will be reported and dealt with according to severity, with the result of the shooter facing a ban from future events from 1 year to lifetime.

More rules to follow - as rules do!!










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