Target 30 Competition Target 30 Competition
Target 30 – Saturday 10th September
Barby Sporting, Barby Lane, Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8UX - MAP

Open to Registered World Sporting Shooters with new UK Reg No's Only
Register here Save time registering on day.
Entries/Re-entry 10am - 5pm.
Arrive early to secure an entry/around 100 max available

Format 2 Stand Sporting Layout (Shot in Pairs)
£17 per entry 31% Payout

Guaranteed Prize Fund
£80 High Gun First Level
£50 High Gun Second Level
+ £50 Straight Score (First true 30 straight) – shared if shot on same pairing – Rolls over to next Target 30 Competition if not won!

Example Payout on 100 entries. 31% payout – more entries greater the prize fund!

HG £80 First Level (Guaranteed) All others based on 100 entries
2nd 60
3rd 50
Handicap Added
HG £50 Second Level (Guaranteed) All others based on 100 entries
2nd £50
3rd £50
9 Places of £20 pounds each
(Total 15 places payout)

1 Prize per shooter in any level

Plus straight score prize if won

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