About World Sporting Now fully developed and extensively tested the World Sporting PRO-AM Handicap System is more than ready for the modern age and shooter, as we start putting on high quality competition shoots for our registered shooters at select shooting grounds, initially in the Midlands area of the UK.   Those previously registered will need to re-register as new regional numbers will be issued enabling us to introduce additional competitions!   Find all you need to know of how the handicap system works for 'YOU' below.    Join Us Now!

Your Handicap When you Join World Sporting you can import your last 3 scores from registered CPSA/NSCA shoots enabling you to have a starting handicap (scores will be checked).   If you don’t have any scores from an established organisation then you will gain a handicap from your first Target 30, 60 or 100 shoot, using selected unknown stands to the newly registered shooter.   Once you have a score posted you will be given a handicap and once you have 3 scores posted this will be a true average of your last 3 shoots, with handicaps being updated every Monday.   You will then have a true handicap to be added to your score for 30, 60 and 100 target shoots.   Maximum handicaps are +10 (Target 30), +18 (Target 60) and +30 (Target 100).    Check Your Handicap!

How you win Using your handicap, you are very likely to be in the prize fund payout (on full entry shoots) if you get back to Par (Par = The Score a 0 handicap shooter should score).    Par Target 30 = 27+, Par Target 60 = 55+ and Par Target 100 = 92+.    Improve and you lose handicap shots – Maintain, no change to handicap – Shoot worse and you gain handicap shots.    See Example Shoot Payout!

Prize Fund Payout The prize fund pays out in two levels – 1st level = Straight Score which includes High Gun , 2nd, 3rd places and maybe more on high entry shoots or championships.   The 2nd Level = Score + Handicap and on high entry shoots has three equal high gun prizes, other winners then get a share of the remaining prize fund.   One prize only per shooter in any level.    High Gun and one High Gun place in level 2 is guaranteed whatever the entry, however on a full entry shoot 1 in 5 shooters will be included in the prize fund pay-out as the example below shows.

This means 0 and low handicap shots are competing for the bigger prizes in the first level, but if fail to do so are equally able to pick up prize money in the second level, for maintaining their standard of shooting. Shooters with higher handicaps are doing the same, being encouraged to maintain or improve their standard of shooting to be in the prize fund share, by getting back to Par and above, using their handicap.   Equally, if they really shoot well, they potentially could win the higher prizes in level 1!
See Example Shoot Payout!

The Shoot All our shoots use the Super Sporting format with 3 or more Trap Stands shooting 30, 60 or 100 Targets.    Compak ranges can also be adapted to use the World Sporting PRO-AM handicap system.   Details of shoot and format can be found when entering a competition.   We will only use qualified referees and all shoots will be squaded, with the exception of some Target 30 competitions, which will use other secure methods.   This minimises the chance of cheats cheating and gives us the best structure to ensure smooth running whilst maintaining shoot competition standards.

Shoot Types

28g Cartridges or less - max shot size English 6
First Bird established on a 'on report pair' (in event second target is a no bird)
No bird on a pair Nothing Established (pair again no score)
No Coaching once shooter in stand
If no shooters shooting in front, Targets will be shown as singles from outside the stand
Whilst other competitors are shooting maintain silence or move away to chat (*unless in a complete squad that enjoy a more relaxed style - confirm with scorer)
All Targets to be shot in clear flight
Full use on Singles (Two Shots)
Referees Decision is Final (Shooters can complain about a ref to Ground and World Sporting it to be investigated)
Other rules will follow and our refs will enforce those listed above.
Anyone proven to be cheating will be banned from 1 year to life!
Download Rules PDF!

Future Championships We are already planning special Championship Shoots.   Join and be ready with an established handicap ready for qualification events.   Those with the lowest handicap will pre-qualify for shoot entry… More details soon!   Be the first to know via our private forums...    Join Us Now!

Our Advisers World Sporting works alongside our shooting advisers, with many having over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting, helping us continually improve our Pro-AM system and competitions.   You can find any shooting related services offered by names below, such as coaching, gun fitting, etc, in the Shop section.
John Wells - Paul Batchelor - Jeremy Baker - Julian Freeman - Nick Hendrick - Phil Smith - Tim Abbott - Jane Taylor - Bob Franks - Jason Taylor

Above All Enjoy your shooting and connections you make.   You can’t win them all.   However with this system, as long as you shoot to your true ability, you will stand the best chance of at least covering your costs on full entry shoots.   Join us today and enter.   With your support let's take this sport to the next level, where it truly belongs!    Join Us Now!

World Sporting - Understanding the PRO/AM Handicap System

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